The refugees who want to go back to where they came from

As the full omnishambles of both the Government’s and the Opposition’s asylum seeker policies is revealed, it seems the answer was there, right in front of us, all the time.

They seem quite happy. Pic: AFP


Refugees just needed to absorb one tiny bit of Australian culture. The redneck motto: Go back to where you came from.

A study has revealed most Sudanese refugees want to go home, some temporarily and some permanently.

It’s a reverse wedgie on the F**k Off We’re Full mob.

The push and pull factors that that pundits and pollies try to hard to understand – and by understand, I mean understand how to shoehorn them to fit their own ideas – have effectively flipped around for this group.

The STATT research found refugees who have arrived over the past decade are discriminated against and isolated.

Researcher Robert Onus said they felt employers and landlords discriminated against them for being African. They struggle to get homes and jobs. There’s the push factor.

At the same time a referendum last year made South Sudan the world’s newest country, a new land in the wake of the devastating civil war, a land that offers new hope to those who fled their homes.

Mr Onus said this pull factor was even stronger than the push:

“My expectation was that we would find a lot of people that wanted to return because they were motivated by discrimination here and lack of opportunity,” he told the Daily Telegraph


“But it’s more that they have an enthusiasm to contribute to their own country’s development and to spend time with family over there.”

Sit down. Take a deep breath. That sounds a lot like good news. It sounds as though maybe this is how the system can work sometimes; we look after people in trouble and sometimes it will be possible for them to return home.

Even better; what if we could provide any asylum seekers in the community or in detention with a range of useful skills. Skills that will help them here if they stay, or help them rebuild if they go home.

It looks like we’ll be stuck with some sort of royally rooted asylum seeker policy for some time. We may as well polish the proverbial.

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