Ron Artest Has A Hot Chick

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NBA star and stand-up comic Ron Artest aka ‘World Peace‘ and girlfriend Shin Shin seen leaving
from the BOA Steakhouse in Hollywood.
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Are The Lakers Trading Pau For Amare

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Washington Wizards vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Washington Wizards vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pau Gasol when he was with the Memphis Grizzlies

Pau Gasol when he was with the Memphis Grizzlies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RT @NBARUMORS: According to sources, the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers are discussing a trade involving Stoudemire and Pau Gasol.

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Is It On Again




Game calls 50 Cent a “zombie” and says that he previously “killed G-Unit.”

On his new single “My Life,” 50 Cent states that Game and Young Buck can “suck a dick.” Not one to bite his tongue, Game has responded to the diss, discussing how he’s feeling about the bars during an interview with Power 106.

“Maybe he got something he want to tell us about his secret life. You know what it is, ain’t nobody worrying about 50. Just ask the people,” he said. “That’s really the best he can do. Buck is in jail and his situation is that and he can’t defend himself form there, but every now and then, you get these zombie movies where no matter how many times you shoot them, they just keep on [haunting noise]. I might need to figure out a different scorpion gun or get a bow of poison, a bow-and-arrow with peanut butter and Skippy on it, I’ma kill him, though.”

Chuck Taylor said that he’s contemplating releasing a sequel to his marathon diss track “300 Bars & Runnin’,” stating that there’s more to say about 50 and G-Unit.

“My freestyle that killed G-Unit, the whole staff, record label and clothes, is 300 bars. I might have to go in and double that up and just really say everything I want to say. There’s more to say.”










Dr. Dre has been named Forbes’ Highest-Paid Musician of 2012.

According to the publication, the West Coast veteran roped in $110 million in pretax earnings largely thanks to his Beats headphone line. “The brands are so aligned, Dre and Beats, it’s just who he is,” says former Def Jam president Kevin Liles. “If you look at the biggest earners, the guys have been doing it for 20 years … what’s happening now is people are really telling their truth.”

Additional artists to make the cut include Rihanna, who ranks at No. 12 with $53 million, and Diddy, who ties with Katy Perry at No. 15 with $45 milion. Beyonce and Jay-Z come in at No. 18 and 20, respectively, with $40 million and $38 million. Kanye West makes the cut at No. 22 with $35 million, tying with Adele for the same position.

Head over to to read more, and check the full list below.

1. Dr Dre – $110 Million
2. Roger Waters – $88 Million
3. Elton John – $80 Million
4. U2 – $78 Million
5. Take That – $69 Million
6. Bon Jovi – $60 Million
7. Britney Spears – $58 Million
8. Paul McCartney – $57 Million (tie)
8. Taylor Swift – $57 Million (tie)
10. Justin Bieber – $55 Million (tie)
10. Toby Keith – $55 Million (tie)
12. Rihanna – $53 Million
13. Lady GaGa – $52 Million
14. Foo Fighters – $47 Million
15. Diddy – $45 Million (tie)
15. Katy Perry – $45 Million (tie)
17. Kenny Chesney – $44 Million
18. Beyoncé – $40 Million
19. Red Hot Chili Peppers – $39 Million
20. Jay-Z – $38 Million
21. Coldplay – $37 Million
22. Adele – $35 Million (tie)
22. Kanye West – $35 Million (tie)
24. Michael Bublé – $34 Million
25. Sade – $33 Million

50 Cent Confirms Eminem, Chris Brown For “Street King Immortal” by SEAN RYON.


50’s Back


50 Cent confirms Eminem, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and others for his “Street King Immortal” LP.

It’s been a long, often-delayed road to its release, but now, fans will finally get the chance to hear 50 Cent’slong awaited Street King Immortal this November 13. Now, in a recent interview with 102.5 KDON, the Queens emcee reveals some features he’s lined up for fifth studio LP.

In addition to Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre, who appeared on his single “New Day,” Fif revealed that that he’s enlisted the likes of Eminem, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Ne-Yo for the impending project. He said that in the past, he’s shied away from out-of-house guest features, but this time around, he wanted to approach it differently.

“People can expect me, Em, I did a song with Chris Brown on the record, Trey Songz, I did something with Ne-Yo,” he revealed. “In the process [of making Street King Immortal], I recorded with half a music culture. I’ve worked with everybody. In the past, I hadn’t reached out to artists and worked with them as much; Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ didn’t have anyone [on it] that wasn’t in-house…I can’t wait; I’m looking forward to releasing more material from this actual album. I’ma release another song in like three weeks.”


Today we have Mykayla Comstock, a 7 year-old Oregon girl who is taking prescription pills for her
Leukemia. We all know its right to take medication,but its Medical marijuana pills.
wow. Sources say three days before Mykayla was diagnosed, her mother filed Oregon medical
marijuana paperwork for lime-flavored capsules, with cannabis oil filled for her daughter Mykayla.

Mykayla’ s mother believes marijuana has healing power,but doctors aren’t so sure it’s a good idea
“The first doctor was not for it at all,” Purchase told “She was rude and she told
us it was inappropriate. “Basically she blew up at us and told us to transfer to another facility.”

So that’s exactly what she did, and Mykayla takes about a gram of cannabis oil a day.
It’s legal for a minor to enroll in the Oregon medical marijuana program as long as the child’s
parent or legal guardian consents and takes responsibility as a caregiver.

Mykayla is not alone

There are currently four other patients enrolled in the Oregon medical marijuana program between
the ages of 4 and 9, six between the ages of 10 and 14, and 41 between the ages of 15 and 17,
according to the Oregon Public Health Division. Severe pain, nausea, muscle spasms and seizures
are among the top conditions cited for medical marijuana use.

In May, Mykayla strated to feel sick then suddenly developed a rash,a bad cough and night sweats,
Mid- July doctors saw a mass in the chest and was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic
leukemia just days later.

Now would you let your daughter take medical marijuana pills, if it decreased immunity,and stops
the pain? Doctors say it doesn’t cure the cancer it just decreases immunity

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Is It True Mr. Snoop Dogg

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Snoop Dogg – Snoop Dogg Needs Weed To Write Songs

06 August 2012

Snoop Dogg Needs Weed To Write Songs

Snoop Dogg needs ”a lot of weed” and ”females” to write new tracks.

The ‘Drop it Like it’s Hot’ rapper – who is now re-branding himself Snoop Lion and releasing a reggae album – says he needs certain specific ingredients to get him in the mood before he can write a hit.

He said: ”To write rap I’ve got to smoke a lot of weed. I need some music, old music, R’n’B, hip hop, anything that’s 70s, 80s, 60s, something that’s inspiring, then I’ve got to have a couple of females around for inspiration.”

The veteran hip-hop star may need to be under the influence to write new songs, but he takes his art very seriously, comparing it to a sport.

He added: ”It’s a sport to me, because it’s like you’re driving me to want to out-do you. Its like if I saw you doing a three sixty kick on a skateboard, I gotta do a seven twenty, just to outdo you. My style of rap, I’m going to say is tae-kwon-do.”

Snoop is one of a number of rappers who stars in new film, ‘Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap’ directed by Ice-T and featuring Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Q-Tip and many more. The film will be released on DVD in October.

Marijuana and Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana and Medical Marijuana

Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

Updated: Nov. 8, 2012

2012  Elections

On election day, Nov. 6, 2012, voters in Colorado and Washington made their states the first to legalize marijuana for recreational use. But in Oregon, a similar measure failed.

Supporters of Washington’s initiative said they hoped its passage would ultimately change federal law, which regards any possession or sale of marijuana as illegal.

The next day, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Agency said the Justice Department was reviewing the ballot measures and declined to comment directly on how officials would respond to them. But he said the agency’s enforcement of federal drug laws “remains unchanged.” The United States attorneys in Denver and Seattle responded with nearly identical statements, offering no clue on whether they would sue to block the measures from being put into effect.


Marijuana, whose botanical name is cannabis, has been used by humans for thousands of years. It was classified as an illegal drug by many countries in the 20th century. Over the past two decades, there has been a growing movement to legalize marijuana, primarily for medical purposes.

Medical marijuana use has surged in the 16 states and the District of Columbia that allow its use. But states and cities are also wrestling with the question of what medical marijuana is, or should be.

Marijuana’s use has particularly increased among teenagers. According to a December 2011 government report, one out of every 15 high school students smokes marijuana on a near daily basis, a figure that has reached a 30-year peak even as use of alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine among teenagers continued a slow decline.

The popularity of marijuana reflects what researchers and drug officials say is a growing perception among teenagers that habitual marijuana use carries little risk of harm. That perception, experts say, is fueled in part by wider familiarity with medical marijuana and greater ease in obtaining it.

Proponents of marijuana have argued for years that the drug is safer than alcohol, both to individuals and society.

In Colorado, the proposal to legalize possession of marijuana in small amounts  went on the ballot in November 2012 under a title that urged voters to “regulate marijuana like alcohol.”

The goal of legalization is not to make access to marijuana easier, but rather, said one supporter in Colorado, “to make our communities safer by regulating this substance, taking it out of the underground market, controlling it and better keeping it away from young people.”

The debate in Colorado was premised on the idea that marijuana has become, if not quite mainstream, then at least no longer alien to the average voter. Medical marijuana is already legal here. Medical marijuana dispensaries, especially in Colorado, have exploded in number in the last few years, and more than 88,000 Colorado residents have medical marijuana cards,

Supporters of legalization agree that medical marijuana has led to abuses, and that, they say, is the very problem that legalization would fix. Banning or improperly regulating a substance that large numbers of people will use anyway failed in the 1920s with alcohol — with the spread of speakeasies and corruption during Prohibition — and is failing now with marijuana, they say.