Matt Kemp’s Struggles

The Matt Kemp Demon


Unbelievably, Dodgers star Matt Kemp has less homeruns than Scott Van Slyke. The “Motorcycle Man” as I call him. Who is Van Slyke?  All that guy is, is a triple-a player making his future look brighter during every plate appearance. On the field Slyke looks like a normal regular, which has Matt Kemp looking like a minor leaguer. Wouldn’t you think?  My opinion, which wouldn’t matter because I have no say so would be, Matt Kemp is not a notable anymore, he’s “unnoticeable”. It’s hard to believe that a shoulder injury, would make Matt Kemp lose his contact swing. Power in the swing maybe, but contact seems to stick with you. It may be Kemp’s mind telling him to kill the pitch, but his hands seeing air. Theoretically speaking, he’s getting overpaid at this point-of-no-return. 120 plus million dollars, 20 million dollars for the 2013 season. Pay me that I guarantee 2 hits a game. Kemp is guaranteeing 2 strikeouts a game where his power, contact,fielding and his all around ness is starting to show. Is that what we call a owner of a restaurant offering his cook a raise to only be betrayed when the employer steals meet from the jobs freezer. I would say so. Its May 28, and the Dodgers are facing the Angels, in a game 2 freeway series match. The Matt Kemp demon is out and seems to keep destroying his on the field presents. Only time will tell and we are all hoping for the best for Matt Kemp.  Go Dodgers!


Published by Travion Morgan


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