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Adrian Gonzalez Matt Kemp IMG_3447redsvsdogers...

Adrian Gonzalez Matt Kemp IMG_3447redsvsdogers092312 (Photo credit: crymzn)

Status Report




Progress this year as of now.


47 GAMES •167 AB •55 hits,17 runs, 11 2b •Other Major Accomplishments •6 homeruns •37 RBI ,batting .329


Definitely Not Slowing At The Plate Adrian Gonzalez won’t hit a line drive down the right field line, and get a triple. Nor will he get a single and steal second. But his batting average and OBP is not slowing up as of lately. This guy can hit and all Dodgers fan are loving it. Who wouldn’t? Especially when nobody else is showing up.


I know what your all thinking, “what about the 120 million dollar contract that’s in Matt Kemp‘s file”? When the possible MVP couldn’t hit a diesel with a car. Not only is Matt Kemp not the only star anymore, what would the slumping slugger show, when Hanley Ramirez returns from a hamstring injury this week? A possible trade, maybe? Well am I speaking to soon?  All these questions are necessary due to the  problems Don Mattingly currently has with his ball club not hitting.


Pitching Problems


Also, there’s definite speculation about the bullpin for the 2013 Dodgers. Last year relievers were exceptionally well, this year the pitchers are not fooling anyone. Are the Dodgers feeling or should I say were they feeling untouchable coming out of spring training, with more then 6 all stars on the team. I would think so. More consistency in the middle of the lineup is needed and runs shouldn’t be a problem, to let the relievers make a mistake or 2 and still win the game. Tonight is game 3 of the Freeway series with the Dodgers and Angels, in Anaheim, Ca. Tonight should be another great game, so we will see if Adrian Gonzalez will keep his percentage high and Dodgers score runs.


Story by Travion Morgan


Matt Kemp


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