What About Dwights Feelings?

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Sports

Image                                                                                                                                                    Our focus after tonight’s loss against OKC, has to be on Dwight Howard‘s feelings. Dwight gets no help and it doesn’t look good for Howard to re-sign this next off-season. He wants a ring, not a diamond ring, a championship ring. Dwight is only getting older and he hoped to arrive to L.A. with a statement. In my previous articles i mention defense, because offense would be there right? Tonight’s loss ended in a 6 point loss. 114-108 OKC. We appreciated the great welcome from Howard, but now we have to return the favor. Which means trade Pau and find some defensive players. Why ? That is the reason the Lakers are losing. I don’t know Mitch Kupchak but i know any owner’s feelings,especially Laker owner Mitch Kupchak, and that is to add rings to the collection. There’s speculation about (Steve) Nash’s return, and what he would change. Well sorry to say, but he would not change any tempo on defensive and the Lakers will have this problem over and over again. Don’t forget there are ways of stopping this fast tempo situation the Lakers aren’t used to on defensive, and that’s to play defensive, and limit your turnovers. Play your own pace, your own game then move ahead.

published by Travion Morgan


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