Gasol Should Come Off The Bench…Story by Travion Morgan

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Sports

ImageSo far the Los Angeles Lakers are not interested in trading Pau Gasol until, Steve Nash gets back. My opinion explains, why it takes Lakers point guard recovery to make a certain decision. As a professional ball player, your job is to hustle the floor and utilize your time the right way. Will (Steve)Nash make Pau better? I highly doubt it.

I’m not degrading Gasol, but its a new time in basketball, where offense doesn’t matter. Most will argue with the input, but we all know the term, “Defense wins games, Offense sell’s tickets. What skill would you rather have? Both right? Everyone in the NBA knows how to score, thats why they made it professionally. So using a defensive team correctly forces opposition to score less, which makes the team win.


Just maybe if the Lakers use Pau, coming off the bench, would be a more efficient team if they decide not to deal Pau.

Pau is averaging a career low 13.1 pts and 42% field goal percentage this year, but many don’t blame him.

Over and over again i mention, its not his offensive struggle im worried about, its his defense. Pau’s knees are tearing him up and seems as mental issues are disturbing his game. Is there some personal issues going on? Is the power forward position too much? Well, I know fans are getting frustrated with Pau, not just me.

Lakers tonight look very good utilizing Pau off the bench, and look  at the outcome. Was I the only person who saw the Lakers vs. Nuggets, when Gasol is in, our points start decreasing and he volley-balls rebounds that he’s supposed to grab with 2 hands.

Get better or get lost.

published by Travion Morgan


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