Leading The Way

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Sports

Leading The Way.


What About Dwights Feelings?

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Sports

Image                                                                                                                                                    Our focus after tonight’s loss against OKC, has to be on Dwight Howard‘s feelings. Dwight gets no help and it doesn’t look good for Howard to re-sign this next off-season. He wants a ring, not a diamond ring, a championship ring. Dwight is only getting older and he hoped to arrive to L.A. with a statement. In my previous articles i mention defense, because offense would be there right? Tonight’s loss ended in a 6 point loss. 114-108 OKC. We appreciated the great welcome from Howard, but now we have to return the favor. Which means trade Pau and find some defensive players. Why ? That is the reason the Lakers are losing. I don’t know Mitch Kupchak but i know any owner’s feelings,especially Laker owner Mitch Kupchak, and that is to add rings to the collection. There’s speculation about (Steve) Nash’s return, and what he would change. Well sorry to say, but he would not change any tempo on defensive and the Lakers will have this problem over and over again. Don’t forget there are ways of stopping this fast tempo situation the Lakers aren’t used to on defensive, and that’s to play defensive, and limit your turnovers. Play your own pace, your own game then move ahead.

published by Travion Morgan

jovanKansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher player died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Saturday morning at the team’s training facility, Kansas City Police communications supervisor Kathy Childs said.

The shooting occurred at 8:10 a.m. local time at the team’s facility near Arrowhead Stadium, Childs said. She said police know the name of the player, but declined to release his name since the shooting was still under investigation.

The player was also suspected in a related shooting of a young woman at a nearby resident, Kansas City Police spokesman Darin Snapp told NFL.com’s Albert Breer.

“About (7:50 a.m), we got a call to a residence, in regards to a shooting, on the 5400 block of Crysler Ave.,” Snapp said by phone. “We arrived and the lady there informed us that her daughter had been shot by her on-again, off-again boyfriend. The young woman was taken to a local hospital, where she died a short time later.

“At about 8:10 a.m., we received a call to the Arrowhead practice facility in regards to a black male armed with a gun in the parking lot, and he matched the description of the shooting suspect,” Snapp continued. “Officers arrived, saw a black man with a gun to his head, and some Chiefs employees. As the officer got out of his car, he heard a gunshot. It appeared the individual shot himself. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.”

Snapp said the shooting occurred outside the front doors of the facility. The player’s name will not be released until family is notified, Snapp said.

The Chiefs have released a statement in regard to the incident:

“We can confirm that there was an incident at Arrowhead earlier this morning. We are cooperating with authorities in their investigation.”

The Chiefs are scheduled to play host to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

ImageSo far the Los Angeles Lakers are not interested in trading Pau Gasol until, Steve Nash gets back. My opinion explains, why it takes Lakers point guard recovery to make a certain decision. As a professional ball player, your job is to hustle the floor and utilize your time the right way. Will (Steve)Nash make Pau better? I highly doubt it.

I’m not degrading Gasol, but its a new time in basketball, where offense doesn’t matter. Most will argue with the input, but we all know the term, “Defense wins games, Offense sell’s tickets. What skill would you rather have? Both right? Everyone in the NBA knows how to score, thats why they made it professionally. So using a defensive team correctly forces opposition to score less, which makes the team win.


Just maybe if the Lakers use Pau, coming off the bench, would be a more efficient team if they decide not to deal Pau.

Pau is averaging a career low 13.1 pts and 42% field goal percentage this year, but many don’t blame him.

Over and over again i mention, its not his offensive struggle im worried about, its his defense. Pau’s knees are tearing him up and seems as mental issues are disturbing his game. Is there some personal issues going on? Is the power forward position too much? Well, I know fans are getting frustrated with Pau, not just me.

Lakers tonight look very good utilizing Pau off the bench, and look  at the outcome. Was I the only person who saw the Lakers vs. Nuggets, when Gasol is in, our points start decreasing and he volley-balls rebounds that he’s supposed to grab with 2 hands.

Get better or get lost.

published by Travion Morgan

Spurs Fined 250,000 For Resting Players

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Sports

Spurs Fined $250,00 For Resting Players

by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There were very real consequences for the actions of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich resting four players Thursday night in Miami, 250,000 of them to be exact.

The NBA fined the Spurs $250,000 this evening for sending Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green home before Thursday night’s 105-100 road loss to the Miami Heat.

Per the statement released by the league, “the Spurs’ actions were in violation of a league policy, reviewed with the NBA Board of Governors in April 2010, against resting players in a manner contrary to the best interests of the NBA.”

NBA Commissioner David Stern made clear his displeasure with the actions of Popovich Thursday night and then followed that up with the “substantial sanctions” he promised:

“The result here is dictated by the totality of the facts in this case. The Spurs decided to make four of their top players unavailable for an early-season game that was the team’s only regular-season visit to Miami. The team also did this without informing the Heat, the media, or the league office in a timely way. Under these circumstances, I have concluded that the Spurs did a disservice to the league and our fans.”

If you thought the hours after the game generated a heated debate about whether or not Popovich did right by his team, the fans and the game, you better believe the hefty fine handed down will be debated just as vigorously.

So, was penalty right on the money (sorry) or too harsh?

Derek Fisher Is Back. Not In L.A.

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Sports


Mavs Turn To Fisher As Steadying Hand

by caplannba

[nba-video vid=/teams/mavericks/2012/11/30/fishmp4-2310020]

DALLAS — Derek Fisher certainly didn’t want the new collective bargaining agreement, the one he served on as a key architect as the players union president, to effectively, and ironically, to push him out the door for good.

As the new CBA last summer forced franchises to be more mindful of obeying the salary cap, many aging veterans such as Fisher, 38, were left waiting for the phone call that would extend their careers.

“I think it’s a combination of a little bit of all those things,” Fisher said Friday. “It’s perception of what I can and can’t do, it’s the collective bargaining agreement and salary cap and luxury tax. It’s where the team feels that where they are in terms of what they need, and then ultimately where I was, in terms of what I felt like was the best situation to be in.”

The call officially came this week from a Dallas Mavericks team needing a rescue at point guard.

Fisher certainly seems to enjoy being back in the NBA limelight — engaging the media for more than 20 minutes — and in a role that certainly appears to be that as the Mavs’ new starting point guard. For Dallas fans, it’s almost unthinkable.

A tag-team dream of Deron Williams and Kidd burst in July and the Mavs moved quickly to trade for youngster Darren Collison. His inconsistent play at both ends led to a benching Tuesday night and appears to have cost him his starting job as the Mavs look to snap a three-game skid Saturday night at home against the Detroit Pistons.

“He’s probably going to be our starting point guard,” Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said of Fisher. “And we got a great situation with him and Collison because we got two really good players there and I see the real possibility that those guys could play together some, too.”

Fisher completed his first workout with his new team on Friday — proof being a painful elbow to the nose by a player he wouldn’t name. As unlikely as this marriage might be for the Mavs, same goes for Fisher, the beloved five-time champion with the Lakers the club traded to Houston last March. The Rockets waived him and the youthful Oklahoma City Thunder signed the veteran, utilizing him as a key reserve all the way to the Finals.

Employed again, Fisher has the Finals back on his mind, one of the reasons he said he chose to wear No. 6 in Dallas. The No. 2 he wore all those year with the Lakers, Fisher was told by an equipment manager, was off-limits.

That’s Kidd’s former number during his second run in Dallas, which included the 2011 title, and the one owner Mark Cuban has said he’s in no hurry to hang in the rafters after Kidd backtracked on a deal to stay in Dallas and instead fled to New York.

“I play to win, so part of it is wanting another championship ring,” Fisher said. “That’s not something that, obviously today, we’ve put ourselves in position to do. But I just wanted a reminder as to not just singularly why I’m here, but that’s a big reason why I’m still playing, is to win.”

Ring No. 6 for Fisher won’t come easily in Dallas. Fisher is the 11th new face to come in since the start of training camp with Delonte WestEddy Curry and Troy Murphyall having come and gone. Dirk Nowitzki remains sidelined until perhaps mid-December and the team is 7-9 as it begins a brutal stretch of schedule.

While playing without Nowitzki, terrible rebounding and porous defense have all been culprits of poor play, Dallas has not received the stability and reliability needed at the point guard position when under critical moments of duress.

“To see somebody come in and be more poised at it and learn how to really control the tempo of the game,” veteran Shawn Marion said of bringing in Fisher. “You’ve got to know when you come down and you get two turnovers in a row, you’ve got to come down and get your ass into a play. There’s no [messing] around trying to get a third or fourth turnover. You’ve got to know that. That’s a thing a veteran point guard knows and recognizes.”

Marion was referencing the fatal fourth quarter Friday in Philadelphia. Dallas had a two-point lead when Collison committed consecutive turnovers. Four more in a row followed and the 76ers went on a 12-0 run.

That’s Fisher’s job now — steady the ship while showing Collison how.

“Part of being in this business, you’re going to have those stretches where things don’t go so well,” Fisher said. “Those guys that are able to weather those storms and those setbacks and those adversities, and come back and continue to grind and push and be the player they can be, that’s what makes you who you are. That’s what creates champions.”

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ImageMissy Elliot is back, and thank the lord. i am tired of hearing nicki arent you? Music changed but the ones who changed it, have to leave. The original’s are back, with a hit song 9th Inning produced my our man Timbaland

You Wont Stop Huh

You Wont Stop Huh

Chris Brown will not be prosecuted for allegedly snatching a cell phone from a female clubgoer outside of a Miami nightclub back in February … TMZ has learned.

We broke the story … a police report was filed against Brown for “robbery by sudden snatching” after he allegedly grabbed an iPhone from a woman outside Cameo nightclub and said, “Bitch, you ain’t going to put that on no website.”

But after a thorough investigation, the Miami-Dade State Attorney tells TMZ … “The Miami Beach Police Department and my prosecutors have reviewed all of the evidence and taken the statements of numerous witnesses, many of whom were interviewed in California, and have determined we are not taking any type of criminal action regarding the incident.”

“We have forwarded our findings to Los Angeles for the probation case review after conducting the same process that every criminal case in Miami-Dade County undergoes.”

Officials say the rapper Tyga was interviewed as a witness in the case — because the phone ultimately ended up in the hands of Devon Blanche — the head of Tyga’s head of security team.

According to police, Blanche told investigators, “Brown may have taken [the phone] because Brown is known to be especially concerned that if photographs of himself with two females got out, it might cause him problems with Rihanna.”

Blanche’s statement was made in February — when Brown was still dating Karrueche Tran.

Tyga also spoke with police … but according to the report, he told investigators Brown DID snatch the phone from the woman.

Tran also issued a statement to police during the investigation — in which she said the woman who owned the cell phone had stuck the phone into Brown’s car … and struck Karrueche in the front of the head.  During the incident, Tran claims the woman dropped the phone in the car … and it was eventually tossed out the window.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2DjnDwdp1

Pau Needs A Change?

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Sports

Pau Needs A Change?.

This Trade Is In Discussion????

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Sports
This Trade is Successful!

Los Angeles Lakers

Owed Tax


Cap Room


  • Player
  • Salary

  • SF
  • 2 Years

  • PF
  • 3 Years

  • PF
  • 3 Years

  • PG
  • 3 Years

Acquiring 4 Players


Hollinger’s Analysis: +1 Wins

With this trade you have increased this team’s projected wins by 1.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Owed Tax


Cap Room


  • Player
  • Salary

  • PF
  • 2 Years

  • SG
  • 2 Years

Acquiring 2 Players


Hollinger’s Analysis: -2 Wins

With this trade you have decreased this team’s projected wins by 2.

Washington Wizards

Owed Tax


Cap Room


  • Player
  • Salary

  • PF
  • 2 Years

  • C
  • 1 Year

  • PG 
  • 2 Years

Acquiring 3 Players


Hollinger’s Analysis: -1 Wins

With this trade you have decreased this team’s projected wins by 1.

Detroit Pistons

Owed Tax


Cap Room


  • Player
  • Salary

  • C
  • 2 Years

Acquiring 1 Player


Hollinger’s Analysis: +2 Wins

With this trade you have increased this team’s projected wins by 2.

Projected Record Note:
Projected records are based on the PER of the players in each team’s post-trade rotation. Taking into account the players traded and the ability of their replacements, it is possible for each team in a trade to have a better projected record, or for each team to have a worse one, or for one team to be better and another to be worse by a different number of games.